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Social Club was founded in 2002 by Axel Laubscher and Henrik Lagercrantz and has ever since belonged to the most prestigeous Scandinavian production companies. Social Club has over the years not only produced award winning advertising and music videos, but has also been a starting point for many creative talents in the Swedish industry. We’re always on the look-out for creative gems, whether it’s in scripts or people.


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c/o 3dO Arkitekter Kammakargatan 27, 111 60 Stockholm


Father of two, and original founder of Social Club, Henrik Lagercrantz is the backbone of the company. His roll as both director and executive producer means he is pretty much always on call but he still finds time for some fly fishing and photography.

Having won numerous awards as a director, Henrik’s thirst for knowledge brought him on to the path of executive producer. What Henrik doesn’t know about commercials probably isn’t worth knowing. What not many people know though, is that Henrik actually wanted to be a baker when he was a kid. Everybody in the office is eagerly awaiting Henrik taking up his childhood dream. Yum!

Oh and also, everybody calls Henrik “Lager” but he is in fact much more of a wine drinker.

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Very few people posses the same amount of positive energy as Sara. Since she graduated from the prestigious Dramatiska Institutet in Stockholm, she has produced and production managed more short films, music videos and commercials than we can count. Luckily we don’t have to cause Sara is the one who does the counting. You might think this queen of budgets is boring. Think again. You see, Sara also runs a hilarious blog and writes comedy scripts. We love her!

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Von Seth

If there was one word to describe Gabriella, it would be PASSION. She is the force that holds everything together at Social Club and she is everyone’s best friend. Having spent six years at the company being a coordinator and a project manager, the step up to Marketing Manager came naturally. Gabriella knows the work of all the directors inside and out and she loves sharing her knowledge with clients and agencies. She is also the person to talk to if you need a confidence boost or to have a glass of wine or two with. Her passion rubs off on you!

Head of Sales & Marketing
+46 70 774 85 82
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Art Direction & Design
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