Social Club

"Dear Daddy"
By Jakob Ström
For Care
Blue Shield
"Up Here"
By Marcus Lundin
For Blue Shield
Heart and Lung Foundation
By Henrik Lagercrantz
For Heart and Lung Foundation
Frauen Zentrale
"Woman’s Charity"
By Julia Lindström
For Frauen Zentrale
Bank Cler
By Nalle Sjöblad
For Bank Cler
Cembra Money Bank
"New Career?"
By Axel Laubscher
For Cembra Money Bank
By Jesper Ericstam
For McDonalds
"The Friends Arena"
By Mauri Chifflét
For Friends
Zoë Que
By Zoë Que
For Zoë Que
By Simon Kaijser
For Ipren